Introducing Vault E

A cryptocurrency hardware wallet designed with simplicity as a core value.

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We designed Vault E from the ground up with a simple user experience as the central focus.


Open Source

No secrets. Have peace of mind knowing the open source community is able to vet the security and stability of our products.



A hardware wallet is the most secure crypto storage solution. We designed Vault E to be no less.


Multicurrency Support



Cross-Platform Compatibility


Single Vault
Clean User Experience
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Single Vault
Manage all your assets from a single app.

Clean User Experience
Intuitive UI on both desktop and mobile.

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What is a hardware wallet?

At the core of every cryptocurrency is a technology called public key cryptography which enables mathematically proveable identities with which one can transact securely and safely. Public key cryptography utilizes a public and private key pair. You can think of the public key as the address to your home and the private key as the physical key to unlock all your doors at that address. Just how you'd want to be very protective of your house keys, your crypto private keys should be secured so that your funds are not spendable by others. Hardware wallets are the most secure method for securing these private keys as they physically store the private key on a device that limits its exposure to the dangers of being stolen. You can think of them as little lock boxes for you private keys.

Why do you need a Hardware Wallet?

When you choose an alternative form of private key storage such as paper wallets (private key printed on a piece of paper) or desktop wallet software (which store your private keys on your computers hard drive), you open yourself up to a wide variety of risks and dangers wherein your private keys could be stolen or lost. Computers are targeted by malware which specifically look for these private keys and paper wallets are susceptable to spilled coffee or being tossed into the trash accidentally. Private keys are the only way to access your money so it's essential that you don't hand them over to someone or lose them. Using a hardware wallet such as our Vault E is an absolute necessity both for the protection of your coins and your piece of mind.


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