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Bitcoin launched just over a decade ago and there are still debates over which wallet is the best digital currency wallet. The three primary types are software wallets, cloud wallets and hardware wallets. Most agree that the best digital wallet for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a hardware wallet.

A digital currency wallet has but one function, which is to keep your private key safe and secure and let you interact with the blockchain when making transactions. A cryptocurrency hardware wallet is the safest because it does this by keeping your private key away from the internet, inside an electronic hardware device.

A hardware wallet is a very secure and sophisticated piece of equipment that everyone who own cryptocurrency should invest in. But with most hardware wallets on the market, the sophisticated nature spills over into the user experience as well. Most hardware wallets are very complicated and clumsy to use. This makes them a good storage solution but not if you want to use cryptocurrency as money.


Presenting Vault E –
A Hardware Wallet Designed for Simplicity

bullet At hodllabs, we bring you the best digital wallet for cryptocurrency that’s simple, portable and secure.

bullet Want to buy some Bitcoins and forget about it for a few years? Vault E can help you keep your coins safe.

bullet Want to use your Bitcoins to buy pizza or coffee? Vault E can help you pay for your order hassle-free and with ease.

bullet We designed Vault E to simplify the cryptocurrency experience without compromising on security or storing the private key with a third-party custodian.

Sign up for Vault E beta below

Beta participation is restricted to USA only. If there is enough demand from outsude, we will try to make it happen but no promises.

Beta participation is restricted to USA only. If there is enough demand from outsude, we will try to make it happen but no promises.
If you are selected we will let you know via email.




A simple user experience is one of the core focuses of hodlabs and the design of Vault E.


Mobile first design

Vault E is designed to be easiest to use with a smartphone because we want more people to use cryptocurrency as money and that requires portability.



Vault E is a hardware wallet, and nothing beats a hardware wallet in regards to cryptocurrency security.


Open Source Codebase

Why trust our word on security when you can verify the code yourself!


Multicurrency Support

Vault E currently supports Bitcoin and Ethereum. More coin coming soon!



Vault E is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux enabling all users to store their crypto assets in Vault E.