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Hodllabs Vault E Beta Program is Live!

26 Feb 2021

have been around cryptocurrency since 2010 when I started mining bitcoin on my laptop. I had to give up on mining soon but it was exciting watching the technology and the industry evolve over the years. Around 2017, I landed upon a couple of realizations -  first, was that cryptocurrency and blockchain (the underlying technology which enables cryptocurrencies) are incredibly powerful tools, so much so...

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defi projects

Is it Wise to Mine Ethereum in 2020/21?

03 JAN 2021

Cryptocurrency mining involves solving complex mathematical problems and miners are the cornerstones of many cryptocurrency networks. They spend their time and computing power solving these challenges and providing a ‘proof-of-work’ for the network, which then verifies the ETH transactions.

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defi projects

Top 7 DeFi Projects to Watch Out For in 2020

16 OCT 2020

Decentralized Finance is now one of the most active sectors of blockchain with over $8 billion invested in DeFi smart contracts. It’s a movement that’s transforming old financial products into transparent and trust-less systems. By removing intermediaries, DeFi promises to offer the world a globally inclusive financial system.

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The Incredible Use Cases for DeFi and Potential Challenges Along the Way

02 OCT 2020

Traditional finance is on the brink of evolution. Even before the pandemic hit, global banks were looking for ways to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs. In this endeavor, many central banks studied the role of blockchain technology and digital currency with a vision to improve their economies. As the cracks in traditional finance continue to widen, there’s an innate need for some serious changes.

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Decentralized Finance

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

23 SEP 2020

Decentralized Finance, also known as DeFi or open finance is a common buzzword in the financial industry and cryptocurrency world in recent times. It aims to recreate the traditional finance systems like borrowing, lending, and exchange using automation instead of middlemen. After being automated, the system can be used for more complex challenges and capabilities.

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guide stablecoin

Your Guide to Stablecoins — The Next Disruption in The Crypto World

14 SEP 2020

Blockchain has the capability to disrupt every industry. This innovative technology aims to create a new payment system for the world ensuring complete transparency, faster transactions, decentralized, and using cryptocurrencies. However, the value of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and fluctuates on a daily basis.

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Accept Cryptocurrency

How Can You Start Accepting Cryptocurrencies for Your Business?

01 SEP 2020

If you’re a start-up owner or a businessman who is an early adopter of the latest emerging trends, you may have considered accepting cryptocurrencies for your business. This could open a new revenue stream for a small business, help reach new customers, and embrace the latest technologies for better business.

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covid-19 inflation

Covid-19, US Inflation, and Bitcoin Halving Deflation — Are You Prepared?

11 MAY 2020

With over 26.4 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits within the last month, the jobless rate in America is at 13%, the worst since the Great Depression. In order to prevent an economic collapse of the country, the Feds have started printing money and the machines are on in full swing.

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The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin Halving

21 JAN 2020

Around every four years, there’s an important bitcoin event known as ‘bitcoin halving’. During this event, the reward for mining new blocks is halved. As a result, miners receive 50% fewer bitcoins when they verify transactions.

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Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Should You Get?

21 JAN 2020

It has been just over a decade since the introduction of bitcoin, and there are still debates about which cryptocurrency wallet to use. If you are researching this question you either already have some cryptocurrency and are looking into keeping

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How to Buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

21 JAN 2020

Today, cryptocurrencies are in the news more than ever. Owing to the roller coaster like up and downs in price, and overnight millionaires, everyone is interested in learning how to buy Bitcoin – one of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency.

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How it All Began | The History of Cryptocurrency

31 AUG 2019

The global financial system has witnessed immense pressure to stay updated with modern times and evolve to the changing needs of customers. People are now looking for alternatives to traditional banking or financial systems in order to ensure more stability and easy access.

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